Every year in the U.S. 33 million tons of GOOD food is wasted and it costs roughly $1.3 billion to dispose that food. On the other hand, statistics show that 1 in 6 people face hunger either due to unavailability of food or food insecurity. Each month several have to choose between paying for food and paying for utilities. This problem is creeping into the U.S.


We aim to bridge the gap between surplus food and hungry people. Goodr uses a mobile application to rescue surplus food in real-time and deliver it organizations in need of food. Goodr has the potential to be the next big thing in social impact and technology. By providing economic opportunity to drivers, saving families that face food insecurity and reducing waste in our community. This will result in a Sustainable Community.

Problem Domain


Uber-like app that picks up left-over food from restaurants, office buildings, caterers, and event planners in gentrified areas and delivers it to homeless shelters, food kitchens, senior homes and after-school centers in low-income areas. Restaurant Owner wants to give away food, but fearful of legal issues. People want to give but don’t always have the time and means to go out and do the deed, need a happy medium. Founder of this organization is Jasmine Crowe.

My Role

I was primarily a UX/UI designer in the team, however, I also led the team throughout the hack-a-thon. I was the prime coordinator between the founder of the Goodr initiative and the team. It was a 40 hour hackathon during which we performed initial research, ideation, design, prototyping and development of the application. I was involved in initial research and decoding the entire process. Then I focused solely on design of the iOS application and went through the entire design process from ideation to final design. At the end worked on iOS app development.

This was the first opportunity to work with a business owner and come up with a solution in short period of time. So the founder was involved throughout the design process providing clarity on the functioning of the business. This helped me refine the workflow and thus, the design of the application at each stage.

Type Group project for Goodie Nation Hackathon My Role CoFounder, UX/UI Designer, iOS Developer Timeline 40 hours (14th Sept-16th Sept) Tools Used Sketch, inVision, Balsamiq Mockups, Swift,

What I learned

Agile methodology with input from the business owner at each stage
Gain leadership experience as a team leader of culturally and intellectually varied team
Strengthened my skills as a designer

Initial Research

We spent a couple of hours understanding the problem domain. Found out how big the problem is, what are the current solutions available, and possible ways to mitigate this problem. I personally spent time interviewing the founder of the Goodr initiative understanding the process in detail. This gave me insights I needed to define a solution.

Identifying Stakeholders and Capturing Important Aspects from Interviews


At this stage we had a clear idea about the functioning of Goodr. We brainstormed and devised an optimized process to include all the stakeholders into flow. We decided to create a mobile application for food requestor and driver, since they need to be on the go. While for the food donors and the Goodr admin, we decided to develop a web application so that they can stay static and access more functionality. We also included the donor in the mobile application, but it will only be for checking past statistics. We identified the information to be collected from respective users of the app and understood the workflow and role of each user type in the process. The images below present the process we came up with after the ideation session.


I created a few rough sketches and quickly jumped into creating wireframes using Balsamiq. Creating wireframes gave the entire team a quick feel of the application flow. On one hand, it served as a tool to identify obvious breaks in application flow. Example, which screens should have a back button. On the other hand, it provides a holistic view of the appplication and helps imagine any major malfunction in the application. Following are the wireframes I created.

Final Designs

#iOS App

#Web App

Sign In Page

Sign Up Page

Surplus Food Reporting Form

Tracking Pick-up Requests

Reports for Food Donors

Food Donor Account Settings

User Flows

#Recipient Place Order

#Recipient Check Order Status and Cancel Order

#Driver accept order

#Donor Check Statistics

Interactive Prototype