As a part of the Goodie Marketting Hack-A-Thon, I had to design a new Logo for Goodr along with a landing page for their website. Since I designed the mobile application for Goodr in previous hack-a-thon (Check Goodr App Design Project), I had to maintain brand consistency across platforms.


Uber-like app that picks up left-over food from restaurants, office buildings, caterers, and event planners in gentrified areas and delivers it to homeless shelters, food kitchens, senior homes and after-school centers in low-income areas. Restaurant Owner wants to give away food, but fearful of legal issues. People want to give but don’t always have the time and means to go out and do the deed, need a happy medium. Founder of this organization is Jasmine Crowe.

My Role

I worked as the lone visual designer in a team of 5 including digital marketers, start-up owners and social media strategist. I was responsible for designing a new logo for Goodr that represents the brand! Also, I had to design web landing page for Goodr website and ensure that it is consistent with the design of mobile application.

Type Individual project as a part of Goodie Marketing My Role Visual Designer, Team Leader Timeline 40 hours (18th Nov-20th Nov) Tools Used Sketch