Ideate and Prototype mobility solutions for problems in the travel industry.


The The Next Generation Mobility Challenge attempts to harness innovative thinking for the greater good in the domain on travel. Net Impact is a global community of students and professionals who aspire to be effective drivers of social and environmental change. This challenge was about how mobility solutions can serve everyone, especially the most socially vulnerable populations, characterized as people who have limited income to enjoy the freedom of mobility and people who have limited physical ability to be mobile at their discretion. I was among the 35 students shortlisted for the challenge among all the applications they received across universities. The groups were formed by Net Impact organizers ensuring a good mix of students. We were a team of four including a PHD in Chemical Engineering student, a BE in Mechanical Engineering student, a BE in Environmental Engineering student and myself pursuing MS in Human-Computer Interaction.

My Role

The challenge was all about employing Human Centered Design to come up with an innovative solution to current travel problems. I facilitated most of the design processes since I was knowledgeable about HCD approach. I was an active member in all discussions and contributed to each design decision.

Type Group Competition My Role UX Designer Timeline One Day Tools Used Human Centered Design approach, Physical Prototyping